Owner/Landlord Representation

When busy property owners consider the ongoing costs and time spent in managing and marketing unoccupied commercial real estate, many times it will benefit them to hire someone who can potentially get something done more quickly, and perhaps with a better result. A company that does it full time.

Owner/Landlord RepresentationNMKT represents owners of office, retail or industrial properties and offers candid advice in terms of that owner achieving the maximum utilization of his asset in a given market.  We will among other things: erect appropriate professional signage on the site at our cost, we will put the property on the internet on multiple commercial property websites, ensuring maximum exposure. Our digital marketing materials will present the offerings in the best possible light. We will diligently follow up on all leads. We will proactively pursue specific parties in appropriate industry groups by means of phone calls, email communications, and/or targeted flyers.  We will report to our owner clients on a regular basis and apprise them of our progress.  We will keep our hooks baited and in the water at all times….

When potential tenants or buyers express particular interest, we will prescreen these parties to determine their qualifications +/or ability to perform, thus saving the owners time and potential future headaches.  We will draw up the appropriate lease or purchase documents at no additional cost.  We will work closely with the client’s attorney and/or advisors.  Also, when representing our owner/landlord clients, we are able to make use of our own history on the buyer/tenant side of the equation to reach out to prospects. . .and affect a positive outcome for the parties concerned.

We speak the language of commercial real estate. Now is a great time for a business owner to be looking for commercial real estate in the Carolinas.  Call us anytime at 704-618-2441.