Buyer/Tenant Representation

This is a strength of NMKT Commercial…… we’ve been there, we have done that many times in our past business lives. Unlike most firms or agents of firms that purport to be experts in buyer/tenant representation, we have actually signed leases of substance and guaranteed them personally. So we think about this kind of stuff………… whether your need is office, retail or industrial, if you need commercial space to conduct your business in the Carolinas, we can help.

Buyer/Tenant RepresentationWith NMKT, it becomes personal: when hired, we will come up to speed quickly re our buyer/tenant’s particular need, develop an understanding of their business model, see things from their perspective. Potentially we will offer insight in terms of what the geography of particular segments of our “territory” is really going to mean for the particular client ……….

From this point of view, we can best assist our buyer/tenant client to ….. clarify what their real estate needs really are, where in terms of local geography could be their best option. From that angle we move forward and identify appropriate properties that might fit their needs. It is a process, and it does take time. We may look at hundreds of properties. We do have the resources, and we do take the time.

NMKT makes it our policy to ask the pertinent questions, at times questions that may not have occurred to the client, and often are in a position to obtain upfit allowances and other advantageous rental or purchase terms that the buyer or tenant may not be aware of. Additionally, in almost all cases, there is no fee to the client, as we are compensated by the owner/landlord or its representative, but only after negotiating the best possible outcome for our client.

We speak the language of commercial real estate. Now is a great time for a business owner to be looking for commercial real estate in the Carolinas.  Call us anytime at 704-618-2441.